The Master List

This is a master list of all the games that have been reviewed on this Blog. This list will be populated with links as we progress.

Name Year Genre Ratings Publisher Description
1985 Sports
John: 1.0 Nintendo A game of running a lot and not passing if you know what’s good for you.
Baseball 1985 Sports
John: 2.0 Nintendo A baseball simulation that felt no need for clever titles.
Clu Clu Land 1985 Puzzle
John 3.0 Nintendo A game where the awkward controls are kinda’ the point.
Donkey Kong Jr. Math 1985 Edutainment John 1.0 Nintendo Ape-based arithmetic action.
Duck Hunt 1985 Shooting
John 3.0 Nintendo Murder most fowl.

Why Review an Obsolete System?

“There is nothing new under the sun.” King Solomon said that, and I’m pretty sure he cribbed it from someone else, possibly someone who was reviewing classic games. Given the preponderance of web reviewers obsessed with the classic Nintendo, one might well ask why anyone would bother setting out on a project to review every single Nintendo game ever made. The answer is actually pretty simple: because I want to.

I’m John, this is Every NES Game. Continue reading “Why Review an Obsolete System?”