10-Yard Fight

Year: 1985
Publisher: Nintendo
Genre: Sports – Football 

Let’s start this at the beginning (well, the beginning here in the Americas, anyway). The year is 1985, and the NES has finally been released in the United States. With it comes what will be remembered as one of the most hit and miss selection of release titles in history. The first game alphabetically on that list? 10-Yard Fight.

I won’t fault them for their tastefully minimalist title screen.
The most realistic simulation of football ever! Players all move in perfect unison while forming a box around the runner – just like in real football! If the ball passes over an opposing player’s head, he’ll alway intecept it – just like in real football! As a result, running plays are the only way you can ever hope to score points – just like in real football! Which is why your team always employs an option offense – just like… aw, who am I kidding. This game bears no resemblance to the sport.
This is an interception that would have required a 14 ft. vertical jump in real life. The guy who intercepted the pass is in the mass of humanity at the middle. The passer and passee are at the bottom and top respectively. Yeah.
This game was infuriating and frustrating, and not because I couldn’t win. Eventually I found strategies that worked against all but the nigh-undefeatable Super Bowl Team. What was infuriating and frustrating was that the winning strategies in no way resembled anything that would happen in an actual football game.Seriously though – I suppose they probably did their best, all things considered. I could forgive that, but the game’s problems don’t just end with gameplay. In this game, you’re allowed to make two forward passes. Even *I* know that’s not allowed.

I hated this game, but I forgive Nintendo, as this was really their first try.

John’s Rating: 1.0 out of 5.0, for not even following the rules.

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